Hey, folks! Grab your virtual seats as we rewind what transpired this month at Fluid Truck. We had a lot on our plate – press features, Denver Startup Week fun, and a prestigious local awards night. Let’s recap!

Fluid Truck took the stage at DSW alongside startup & VC experts

Last week, CEO James Eberhard and Co-Founder Jen Snyder, took center stage at the 11th annual Denver Startup Week! This was an incredible opportunity to connect with fellow startups right here in our Denver hometown. 

James delved into the thrilling journey of Fluid Truck's rapid growth, showcasing how we've emerged as one of Colorado's fastest-growing tech companies. Want to hear James talk about how Fluid Truck’s core values have fueled our growth? Check out this clip on YouTube! 

Our remarkable Co-Founder, Jen, also graced Denver Startup Week with her wisdom. She joined a panel of accomplished VC leaders to spill the secrets on crafting an irresistible pitch deck. Entrepreneurs in the audience left with helpful insights on how to win over enthusiastic investors. View a summary of Jen’s presentation here

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to strengthen our community of startups here in Denver, sharing our knowledge, networking with our neighbors, and learning from other businesses. 

Insights from installing EV chargers at our HQ

We're excited to share that Jimmy had the opportunity to contribute a featured article to Fast Company! In this article, Jimmy delves into the valuable insights we've gained from our experience with EV charger installations at our headquarters.

Beyond the surface benefits of showcasing our commitment to sustainability through electric vehicles, our experience underscores the added allure of having EV chargers on your corporate campus. 

In this article, Jimmy provides a detailed overview of the best practices and efficient strategies for implementing EV charger installations in a business setting. These insights are not only practical, but also align with the broader goal of creating an eco-friendly, innovative, and forward-thinking workplace.

Navigating the future of mobility with AI

Jimmy also wrote an article for Inc. Magazine, diving into five exciting ways AI is changing how we get around. From autonomous vehicles that could soon be part of our daily commute to AI optimizing delivery routes for faster service, the mobility industry is in for a high-tech transformation. 

Plus, there's a glimpse into how AI can make your trips more affordable and comfortable with dynamic pricing. Click here to learn more about how AI is shaping the way we move. 

Fluid Truck at the ColoradoBiz Top Company Awards

We’re excited to share that we were nominated at the ColoradoBiz Top Company Awards this year! The annual awards program acknowledges exceptional businesses in Colorado, subjecting them to a rigorous evaluation process that assesses their financial growth, operational excellence, innovation, and community engagement. We’re honored to be nominated for such a prestigious award, and congratulate those that won! 

See you next month!

We’ve had a great time embracing exciting opportunities this month – from Denver Startup Week to AI innovations and our nomination for the ColoradoBiz Awards, we're on a dynamic path forward. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we explore new horizons in business and technology. Thanks for tuning in!

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