This month, we remained focused on driving sustainable solutions, fostering meaningful partnerships, and advocating for positive change in the transportation industry.​​ 

Let's dive into the exciting happenings at Fluid Truck for June 2023: 

Spearheading sustainability with Lyft

Photo of a Lyft branded Fluid Truck electric vehicle.

We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with Lyft in Denver! Lyft is a renowned leader in the ridesharing industry. This collaboration opens up new opportunities for businesses and individuals seeking seamless access to commercial vehicles. 

Lyft’s goal to electrify their fleet by 2030 pairs well with our desire to widen access to electric vehicles. This partnership is a significant stride forward for Fluid Truck and Lyft. Your next Lyft scooter or e-bike could be delivered by a Fluid Truck! 

#Spotted at Home Delivery World 

We had the opportunity to present a topic alongside OpenForce this past month in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Home Delivery World provides a platform for industry leaders to discuss emerging trends, technologies, and best practices.  

Fluid Truck's CEO, James Eberhard, took the stage at Home Delivery World in conjunction with OpenForce to share insights on how businesses can use independent contractors to align with recent legislation. OpenForce focuses on advancing innovative solutions in the logistics and transportation sector. 

Fluid Truck's platform and fleet management software are revolutionizing the traditional landscape of vehicle and fleet technologies. We’re excited to be a part of paving the way for the future of transportation alongside other industry leaders. 

Shining a light on women in the transportation industry

Photo of a group of women smiling at a conference table.
Image via Getty

Did you know that only 18.9 percent of transportation workers are women? This is a stark contrast compared to the 117.6 million female drivers on the road in 2021. This past month, Fluid Truck’s CEO wrote in Inc. Magazine about the underrepresentation of women in the mobility industry and the challenges they face. 

Fluid Truck's platform enables instant vehicle rentals, providing accessible and affordable solutions for women entrepreneurs. Incorporating diverse perspectives from women’s voices is crucial to improve product design and prioritize safety in the mobility industry. Be sure to read the article to learn more about what women can offer the mobility and transportation industry!

On that topic – we’re excited to share that Fluid Truck’s Co-Founder and Legal Counsel Jen Snyder was awarded with the honor of Outstanding women in business by Denver Business Journal this month. 

“When women-owned businesses get the funding to expand their footprint or women have a seat at the table when designing products, everyone stands to benefit. Thank you Denver Business Journal for recognizing all the women who continue to push forward,” said Jenifer.

Driving with Pride 

Photo of an IKEA branded Fluid Truck decorated with a rainbow pride unicorn.

Fluid Truck took to the streets along with 2 million people to celebrate New York City’s 53rd annual Pride Parade to raise awareness and amplification of LGBTQIA+ voices. Not only did we get to walk in the parade, we also got to drive our e-transit through the parade with IKEA! This year’s theme was “Strength in Solidarity.” We love any opportunity to showcase our commitment to an inclusive future and build community. 

Fuel for thought: Jimmy’s podcast features

Our CEO Jimmy's expertise and entrepreneurial journey were recently featured on two noteworthy podcasts. In one episode, he delved into the topic of zero-emission vehicles, discussing their impact on the transportation industry and the environment. Fluid Truck is an emerging leader in fleet electrification. 

In another podcast episode, Jimmy shared insights on being an entrepreneur and leading a high-performing team, providing valuable perspectives for aspiring leaders. Be sure to tune in to those podcasts to learn more about Fluid Truck and how Jimmy’s leadership has propelled us to where we are today! 

The Nuggets claim victory 

Photo of a Fluid Truck pickup truck in front of a Denver Nuggets mural.

On a note unrelated to mobility, we proudly celebrate our hometown basketball team, the Denver Nuggets, winning their first-ever NBA championship this year! This remarkable accomplishment brings pride to our team and our community, and we love any opportunity to brag about our hometown! 

See you next month!

That’s a wrap on this month’s jam-packed recap! Thanks for tuning in. Be sure to follow us on social media for live updates on what we’re up to. See you next month!

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