From hosting and attending Earth Day events, forging new partnerships, and new product launches — April was showered with activity. Keep reading to learn all that took place this month! 

New partnerships 


Two florists exchanging flowers outside a Fluid Truck cargo van

We recently teamed up with Bloomnet to offer streamlined delivery options to florists across the country. With Mother’s Day, wedding season, and graduations coming up, it’s essential that florists and their customers have access to the best delivery options

Our new partnership with Bloomnet gives florists what they need to truly thrive this season and scale their fleets up and down to accommodate the needs of their business. We’re offering special pricing to Bloomnet’s florists, and can’t wait to watch this partnership flourish. To read more about how Fluid Truck is a perfect match for florists, click here


Sustainability remains a top priority for Fluid Truck. We currently operate a large fleet of EVs and assist businesses in the electrification process. We’re always looking for partners who share a common goal, and we’re excited to announce our partnership with RGX, a revolutionary digital marketplace and electronic asset disposal company. The partnership pairs local sustainable e-waste vendors on the RGX platform with Fluid Truck’s full fleet of commercial vehicles. Fluid Truck’s electric trucks are available in select markets like Denver, NYC, and LA, which will pair environmentally-sustainable electronic disposal with zero-emission logistics. Outside of these markets, Fluid Truck will offer alternative local vehicles for material pickup or dropoff at a discounted rate.

We are excited to partner with RGX to address pressing environmental concerns, such as e-waste recycling and rising carbon emissions. Through this collaboration, we aim to make it easier to tackle these issues, leveraging RGX's expertise in e-waste recycling and our expertise in zero-emissions delivery.

A truckload of events 

NAFA 2023

The Fluid Truck team smiling at the Elk Room in Baltimore at an exclusive NAFA after party

This month, we had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with fleet professionals from across the country at the NAFA 2023 conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Leaders, innovators, and suppliers in the fleet and mobility spaces gathered to share ideas for the future of our industry. 

This is the largest gathering of fleet and mobility professionals across the country! We are thrilled to put into action the concepts and strategies we gained from attending this conference. Plus, we used this opportunity to throw another iconic Fluid Truck party where we got to unwind with partners, vendors, and new and old friends!

Earth Day events with RGX and Compost Colorado

Fluid Trucker posing with a cell phone that he is recycling into a box that will be loaded into a Fluid Truck.

In light of our recent partnership with RGX, we hosted a free Earth Day e-waste event this month! The goal of the event was to encourage local businesses to prioritize recycling their e-waste properly. 

Did you know that 40 million tons of electronic waste wind up in our landfills every year? These old electronics are detrimental to the environment because they release harmful toxins in the air. 

One of Fluid Truck’s neighbors and small business customers, Compost Colorado, hosted an Earth Day event that we had the pleasure of participating in. The event featured an open mic panel discussion centered around holistic resource management, where many businesses around Colorado had the chance to showcase their sustainability efforts, us included! We offer the largest medium-duty EV fleet so sustainability is a major part of Fluid Truck’s mission.

CoCo is an employee-owned company dedicated to promoting climate activism and fostering a sense of community. “Closing the loop,” CoCo offers reliable curbside composting services through drop-off and pick-up. 

Did you know that when your food is sent to the landfill (e.g. thrown in the garbage), it rots? Through composting, nutrient-rich food scraps are reintegrated into the soil, resulting in healthier soil and food for our communities. You can also shop earth-conscious, zero-waste goodies directly on Compost Colorado’s website. We’re proud to collaborate with businesses that are actively protecting the planet we live in, and we had a great time at the panel. 


Supply & Demand Executive 

Our founder and CEO, James Eberhard, was featured by Supply & Demand Executive this month. Jimmy’s article discusses three reasons to consider a zero emissions plan for delivery. Reap the benefits of EVs sooner and make the jump now. 

In a survey conducted last year, it was revealed that 50% of customers want sustainable delivery options. The article highlights the financial, social, and environmental benefits of switching to EVs now rather than later. Click here to learn more about how you can reap the benefits of switching to an EV fleet

New delivery vehicle product launch! 

On April 1 we unveiled our newest masterpiece: The Fluid Truck Boot Scoot! Save time by delivering packages without ever leaving your vehicle. Tired of ringing doorbells, walking, and dealing with customers? The Fluid Boot Scoot is for you! We’ve fully integrated this unique product into all our vehicle offerings. Check out our video here to learn how to operate the Fluid Boot Scoot, and get your hands on this revolutionary new tech. And happy late April Fool’s!

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