We’re excited to share that renting vehicles with Fluid Truck has just gotten even easier! Enjoy renting a truck, scheduling drivers, utilizing GPS and telematics capabilities, and now live chatting with an agent straight from your phone. 

Fluid Truck users love that our vehicle rental process is a completely digital experience, and we continue to build upon our platform to offer you the best in tech. Recent customer feedback has given us the opportunity to expand upon our offerings to take better care of our users. 

While we hope that your rental experience with us is seamless, we know that sometimes problems arise. For this reason, we created a live chat option! Locate this feature in the menu bar on the left where you find your messages and reservations.

What is live chat? 

Live chat is our on-demand customer service agent, here for you 24/7, 365. If an issue arises during your rental, you can find helpful tips and quick answers directly from your phone. You can choose from pre-loaded questions, or message directly with a live agent. Here’s an example of the questions available: 

  • I am having trouble starting/ending my reservation
  • Lost and found
  • I have some general questions
  • I am having issues with a current reservation

Helpful Features 

Our live chat has built-in features to make it easy to find help when you need it. No need to dial for a customer service agent – simply open our app and tap the LiveChatbot in the right corner. These features include: 

  • Pre-loaded questions: We’ll save you time by offering solutions to pre-loaded questions of our most common scenarios. 
  • Chat history: When you request to speak to a live agent, your entire chat history is shared to ensure we get the full scope of what you need from us. Following your chat, a transcript of the conversation is shared via email for your records.
  • Chat minimization: Need to find a reservation number, or look up something else in our app? Simply minimize the chat bubble and navigate through our app seamlessly. 
  • Text bubbles: We promise we won’t leave you on read! View live text bubbles while we’re typing to stay aware of our responses. 

Maps: Send Google Maps links directly in the app so getting directions is a breeze. Agents can also send dropped pins to help locate your vehicle.

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