At Fluid Truck, we're not just about keeping the wheels turning; we're about driving the future of transportation. That's why being named on Fast Company’s list of the Most Innovative Companies in the World in the Transportation category isn't just an honor; it's a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficiency. 

But we're not alone in this journey. This year's list is a mosaic of forward-thinking companies reshaping not just their industries but also the world. 

Here are some trailblazers whose groundbreaking work is steering us toward a more innovative and sustainable future.

Redwood Materials: #19 on World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2024

Image of Redwood Material's industrial plant
Image via Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials is revolutionizing 'mining' for the EV era. They've nailed a sustainable model for battery materials, embodying innovation and efficiency. Redwood’s rapid strides in recycling and remanufacturing EV batteries not only fuel the green revolution but also exemplify their leadership in localizing the battery supply chain, setting new industry benchmarks.

Mill Industries: #27 on World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2024

Photo of Mill Industries' compost bin, which looks like a small white trash can with a foot pedal to open it.
Image via Mill Industries

Mill Industries’ game-changing compost bin, Mill, dehydrates and grinds food scraps into a fine powder, turning garbage into gold—chicken feed, to be precise. This isn't just composting; it's an urban recycling revolution. Mill’s method simplifies sustainable living, turning waste into a resource and slashing emissions. With its smart design and city-scale projects, Mill is on a mission to mainstream composting, proving that small steps in the kitchen can lead to giant leaps in sustainability.

Oshkosh Company: #4 in North America 

Image of a silver garbage truck by Oshkosh Company. The truck is in a gray desert landscape and looks very futuristic.
Image via Oshkosh Company

Oshkosh Company is redefining the industrial vehicle sector with a sustainable twist. Their electrification of fire and garbage trucks is an innovative, bold step towards cleaner cities. Launching North America’s first zero-emission electric garbage truck, Oshkosh showcases a commitment to reducing reliance on diesel, saving thousands of gallons of fuel. 

The introduction of the Pierce Volterra electric fire trucks further cements their role in cutting CO2 emissions, demonstrating that even traditional, heavy-duty vehicles can pivot towards sustainability. Oshkosh's financial success underscores the viability and demand for green industrial solutions. 

Cheers to that! We are so excited to see more electric trucks on the road.

Waymo: #7 in Automotive

Image of a white Waymo car, which is a sedan with camera attachments on the roof and above the headlights.
Image via Waymo

Waymo is steering the future of transportation with its robo taxi service expansion. Despite facing challenges, Waymo has boldly rolled into new territories, including Los Angeles and Austin, scaling up from its Phoenix and San Francisco roots. 

In 2023, Waymo increased its ride count to over 700,000 trips and introduced innovative features like rooftop LED displays and external speakers to enhance road communication. 

Their commitment to improving autonomous vehicle technology, evidenced by their new training simulator, underscores their leading role in the industry. Waymo's journey, marked by both advancements and hurdles, exemplifies the resilience and forward-thinking necessary to drive the autonomous revolution forward.

Husk Power Systems: #1 in Sustainability 

Photo from a Husk Power System facility, with a large purple sign that says Husk power systems, and a field of solar panels in the background
Image via Husk Power Systems

With over 200 mini-grids in India and Nigeria, Husk combines solar, biomass, and battery power to deliver clean energy to half a million people and numerous businesses. 

This shift from dirty diesel to cleaner alternatives is slashing CO2 emissions and fostering local economies. The company's rapid response to outages and expansion into e-commerce, offering energy-efficient products with financing, exemplifies their innovative approach to sustainable development. 

Ease Logistics: #9 in Logistics 

Photo of an Ease Logistics branded semi truck driving on the road.
Image via Ease Logistics

Ease Logistics is redefining freight transport efficiency through digital "platooning." This cutting-edge method wirelessly syncs trailer trucks, optimizing speed and reducing fuel consumption. As a pivotal player in the Ohio Department of Transportation’s DriveOhio initiative, Ease’s technology not only conserves fuel but also contributes to the broader goals of sustainable and autonomous trucking. With over 25,000 miles logged under this program, Ease is steering the future of logistics towards greener and smarter horizons.

Locus Robotics: #4 in Robotics 

Image of a sorting center warehouse where two Locus Robotics robots are standing in the aisle.o
Image via Locus Robotics

is revolutionizing warehouse operations with its autonomous robots, hitting the 1 billion picks milestone in early 2023. Their LocusOne platform, integrating various robots and human workers, showcases advanced sensors and user-friendly interfaces, enhancing efficiency and safety. With significant partnerships like the one with DHL, which ordered 5,000 robots, Locus demonstrates its impact on the logistics sector, boasting a dramatic 80% reduction in workplace injuries and over 2.5 billion picks by year-end. Locus Robotics is setting a new standard in harmonizing human-robot collaboration in the industrial sphere.

Brightline: #1 in Social Good and #31 on the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2024

Image of a Brightline branded high speed train, speeding along the track next to cars in traffic.
Image via Brightline West

Brightline is steering Americans towards a greener future with its high-speed electric trains. Despite not hitting the top speeds of international counterparts, its service between Orlando and Miami is proving that train travel can be both luxurious and eco-friendly, enticing car lovers with plush amenities and competitive pricing. With a 29% increase in ridership and plans to expand from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Brightline is on track to redefine U.S. rail travel, blending speed with sustainability and setting the stage for the next era of American rail innovation.

Cruz Foam: #3 in Social Good 

Image of a sample of Cruz Foam, which is white and has the texture you would expect of regular styrofoam
Image via Cruz Foam

Cruz Foam crafts bio-based packaging that's turning heads and reducing carbon footprints. With products made from 70% upcycled food waste, they’re tackling the industry's reliance on harmful materials like Styrofoam. Partnering with giants like Atlantic Packaging, and backed by celebrities, Cruz Foam's solutions not only offer environmental benefits but also meet the logistical demands of cold chain distribution. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their compostable and water-friendly products, highlighting a significant shift towards greener e-commerce practices.

Vail Resorts: #7 in Travel, Leisure, and Hospitality 

Photo of a ski hill at Vail Mountain
Image via Getty Images

We had to shout out one of our fellow Colorado Companies that made the Most Innovative list! Not only are they our neighbors in the mountains, but they have also embraced the concept of sharing as a sustainable practice. 

Ditching the one-size-fits-all approach to ski gear rental, Vail offers skiers high-quality, name-brand equipment with the convenience of slope-side service or in-resort delivery. This new model, integrated with their My Epic app, streamlines the skiing experience, offering 3D boot-fit scanning and transforming gear rental into a seamless, hassle-free part of the ski adventure. 

With Vail's continuous tech enhancements and expansion, they're elevating the skiing experience and setting new industry benchmarks.

United Auto Workers: #4 on World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2024

Image of UAW members on strike, holding signs that say UAW ON STRIKE.
Image via AP

Finally, we wanted to highlight one of the institutions that made huge waves in our industry over the past year. Under the dynamic leadership of Shawn Fain, UAW earned the 4th spot on the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2024. Fain's strategic overhaul during the monumental strike against the Big Three automakers not only secured substantial wage increases and job security but also integrated electric vehicle production into the union’s fold. His innovative approach, including simultaneous negotiations and targeted factory strikes, rejuvenated the union's influence and set a new standard for labor negotiations. Fain's forward-looking vision now targets unionizing the broader auto industry, aiming for widespread, sustainable change in labor rights and practices.

Navigating through the landscape of innovation, these companies exemplify the pioneering spirit that propels industries forward. From revolutionizing recycling and redefining logistics to electrifying railways and challenging traditional labor negotiations, each entity reflects a facet of innovation that resonates with Fluid Truck’s own mission. As we celebrate these achievements, we're inspired to continue pushing boundaries, reimagining transportation, and driving positive change. Together, we're not just moving forward; we're setting the pace for a more innovative and sustainable tomorrow.

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