Fluid Truck is set apart by our constant drive to establish convenient, effective solutions for our customers. Each month, we gather the honest feedback of those utilizing Fluid Truck to gain insight on where we can improve. While it may be hard to read some of the feedback, it always reminds us of our main goal – improving our customer experience, creating a customer-first application, and ensuring problems that hindered access are in the past.

Recently, we’ve discovered some recurring issues that have prompted us to initiate more changes and bring the focus back to convenience for our users.

Common Concerns 

Late Cancellations 

In many of our customer responses, we gathered that late cancellations were an issue for our customer. Pre-booked vehicles were being canceled last-minute, almost hours before their reservation was scheduled, forcing the customer to find a vehicle at a moment’s notice or go on without one if there wasn’t inventory available. 

“It’s frustrating to book a truck and then frequently have that booking canceled because trucks aren’t actually available. It would be nice to know if the inventory of the available trucks was real or not.” 

Pickup Locations 

Another recurring theme in our customer feedback pertained to pickup locations. Customers revealed that pickup locations were often difficult and time-consuming to find with a lack of directions. Obviously, this is frustrating and wastes our customers’ valuable time.

I rent often and more often than not, I have an issue getting into the lot or opening the vehicle with little to no support to be found. On-site support or rapid on-site support 

would be great to resolve issues quickly and not waste people’s time.” 

Fluid Truck is creating effective solutions 

Late cancellations: We have updated our system to make vehicles that were rented for more than 7 days appear unsearchable on our platform. This means that the difficulty predicting how long a customer will extend the rental for is no longer another customer’s problem. Rent your vehicle knowing that it will be available, and not rented out from under you. 

Pickup locations: Using telematics, our customer service team will have the ability to perform internal pickup audits, cross-checking every vehicle at the end of its reservation to compare it to the listed pickup location and its current location. This will allow us to have better insight as to where our vehicle is for pick-up and to alert the customer in real-time if there are any changes. 

Fluid Truck’s commitment to its customers 

We’re excited to implement these changes, and there’s still room for more down the road as we continue to keep our customers first. Provide us with your rental experience and feedback to let us know where else we can improve by clicking here.

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