October was all about forging new connections, offering a glimpse into the future at Mullen Ride & Drive, and savoring some exciting events and awards. Buckle up and get ready to explore what we’ve been busy with this month!

Driving efficiency with OneRail

We're thrilled to announce our dynamic partnership with OneRail, a powerhouse in last-mile omnichannel fulfillment solutions. OneRail's commitment to speed and dependability, along with their vast network of 12 million drivers, perfectly aligns with our vision for seamless last-mile delivery. 

OneRail's dedication to empowering small and medium-sized businesses made our choice to partner with them a natural one. Together, we can offer our shared customers exclusive pricing on Fluid Truck rental vehicles, making the last mile even more efficient. Get ready for a new era in delivery logistics, and check out the full press release here. 

Unveiling tomorrow's electric mobility with Mullen Automotive 

Mullen Automotive made a pit stop for their EV tour at Mile High Stadium, and we couldn't resist getting up close and personal with their latest innovations! 

We had the exciting privilege of taking sneak peeks at Mullen's brand-new Mullen 5 and GT sports cars, all under the skillful guidance of professional racecar drivers. 

If you've ever dreamt of a campfire in your vehicle, the Mullen 5 is a must-see! With an impressive 300-mile range, these electric vehicles promise a thrilling driving experience. And for the world of deliveries, their last-mile vehicles, with an approximate 100-mile range, are poised to redefine efficiency. 

Get a closer look at these vehicles here!

Discussing electrification strategies at DeliveryCon

Our CEO, Jimmy Eberhard, had the honor of taking the stage at DeliveryCon in Las Vegas this month. Jimmy joined a panel of industry experts to delve into electrification strategies. 

If you're considering electrifying your fleet, Jimmy's top recommendation is to explore available local and national grants that might be applicable to your business. In fact, that's precisely how we secured free installation of EV chargers at Fluid Truck’s HQ – we don’t gatekeep here! 

See more of Jimmy's electrification strategies in this video from the panel.

Fluid Truck tops the charts as Denver's Fastest-Growing Private Company in DBJ's XL category

We are thrilled to share that we've been named the #1 fastest-growing private company in Colorado in the Extra Large category by the Denver Business Journal's Fast 50 List for 2023. 

Recognizing our exceptional growth from 2020 to 2022, this achievement reaffirms our position as a leader in the industry. It's a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. 

We're committed to making commercial vehicles accessible to businesses of all sizes, and this recognition further fuels our mission. This accolade adds to our growing list of achievements, including our inclusion in INC Magazine's list of the 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. 

For more details, visit Denver Business Journal. Thank you for this recognition, and congrats to all the finalists!

Thanks for tuning in!

Thanks for joining us in October 2023! It has been a month filled with exciting milestones and partnerships. We're eager to keep driving innovation, efficiency, and accessibility in the world of commercial vehicles. What have you been up to this month? Here's to a future of endless possibilities with Fluid Truck!

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