Fluid Truck just scored a spot on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in the World list for 2024, and we couldn't be more thrilled! We have been named #7 in the transportation category, alongside notable peers such as 

This isn't just any award; it's a huge shoutout to our team's hard work and our passion for shaking things up in the transportation and logistics world

Let’s dive into the journey that got us here and what this epic recognition means for our future.

How Fluid Truck is revolutionizing transportation:

Innovation runs through our veins here at Fluid Truck. From the get-go, we aimed to totally flip the script on how businesses tap into commercial vehicles. With our cutting-edge tech and super user-friendly platform, renting vehicles has never been this smooth, efficient, or eco-friendly.

Our green mission took a giant leap forward with our electric vehicle (EV) fleet expansion. Launching rentable Ford F-150 Lightnings and Electric Ford Transit vehicles makes it a breeze for companies big and small to jump on the sustainability bandwagon.

Partnerships that keep us zooming:

None of this would be possible without some solid teamwork. Teaming up with big names like Lyft and IKEA has supercharged our mission, broadening our impact and doubling down on our eco-friendly promises.

What's next? We're just getting started:

The road ahead looks incredibly exciting, and this nod from Fast Company only amps up our drive to push the envelope. 

At Fluid Truck, we're not just changing the game in vehicle rentals; we're setting our sights on a future where transportation is smarter, cleaner, and accessible for all.

Keep an eye on our blog for all the latest and greatest as we continue to innovate and tread new paths. Together, let’s steer towards a brighter, greener future!

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