From sudden vehicle breakdowns to last-minute demand increases, small businesses encounter unique and often unexpected challenges that require flexibility and careful maneuvering every day. 

Without access to a ready supply of reliable vehicles, these situations can quickly become detrimental to a business’s growth, reputation, and bottom line.

Fluid Truck provides the creative solutions small businesses need to overcome these obstacles. Our round-the-clock service provides convenient access to a vast array of ready-to-use vehicles across the country. Discover how Fluid Truck's adaptable rental options can help propel your business to new heights.

Problem #1: Primary vehicle malfunctions

For small businesses that rely on a handful of vehicles to carry out deliveries, losing one vehicle in the fleet can be a major bump in the road. The last thing you want is to have to cancel or delay orders while you scramble to purchase or lease a replacement vehicle. Not to mention, the cost of a new vehicle or a rental agreement on top of maintenance for your broken down vehicle can easily blow through your budget for several months.

Fluid Truck’s Solution:

Find a replacement vehicle ASAP by hopping onto the Fluid Truck app. Whether you need a replacement box truck, cargo van, or pickup, our wide range of makes and models will cater to the size and scale of your fleet. With flexible rental agreements, you can rent any vehicle for as long as necessary while you wait for the repairs on your owned vehicle to finish.

If you are a long-term renter and one of our fleet vehicles malfunctions, we will handle the repairs and maintenance for you so your business can keep going at full speed.

Problem #2: Sudden influx of demand

It’s not uncommon for small businesses to experience a sudden influx of orders or deliveries all at once, especially during their peak season. For example, florists or caterers often book extra-large events like weddings that might extend beyond the capabilities of their current fleet. In times like these, you may find yourself faced with a tough decision: find a way to scale up your fleet fast or turn down a massive order.

Fluid Truck’s solution:

When small businesses partner with Fluid Truck, they will never have to turn away their biggest customers. Fluid Truck’s flexible rental agreements allow you to obtain as many extra vehicles as you need right away, even during holidays. 

Our short-term rentals are especially useful for small businesses who are not yet looking to scale up the size of their fleet permanently. Rent one of our vehicles to carry out your extra jobs and return it when finished with no long-term contracts binding you.

Problem #3: Last-minute transportation

As you grow your business, you will encounter unique situations where a little extra flexibility can save the day. In these often time-sensitive or emergency cases that demand immediate access to a vehicle, you simply do not have the time to wait out the traditional procurement process for most rental agreements. 

Are you relocating to a new space and find yourself short-handed on moving day? Are you trying to transport weather-sensitive goods or equipment but the rain won’t let up? Or perhaps a client scheduled a last-minute delivery or service call when all your vehicles were already deployed? Finding a way to meet that demand swiftly could secure you a lifelong customer.

Fluid Truck’s solution:

Fluid Truck places reliable, timely solutions to your most urgent situations right at your fingertips. Snag an extra box truck for your move, a cargo van to safely transport your sensitive goods, or an extra pickup to head out to a last-minute service call. Our fleet of fully prepared vehicles operates 24/7 so your business never has to take a rain delay.

Problem #4: New place, no trucks

Most small business owners don’t want to confine their business to a singular location. They may frequently branch out to other areas or find themselves in need of specific types of vehicles to carry out certain jobs. 

Traditional rental companies typically maintain a centralized hub for their fleets, meaning they cannot distribute vehicles outside of a confined area. This can be a major headache for businesses that require immediate access to vehicles in areas where the supply is limited.

For instance, a small last-mile delivery company may decide to begin accepting jobs in a wider radius from their central location. Relying on centralized rental companies to fulfill extended demands for vehicles could result in delays as drivers must depart from the central area instead of a spot closer to the new locations.

Fluid Truck’s Solution:

Fluid Truck addresses this issue by offering a distributed fleet. Our vehicles are available for pickup all over the place, not just at one central location. This added layer of flexibility and security gives small businesses the freedom to venture out into new areas confidently, backed by the knowledge that they can obtain the vehicles they need from a variety of locations.

Small businesses that require mobility and adaptability in their operations can use Fluid Truck to reduce the barriers and issues that often restrict their reliable access to vehicles, enabling them to support their own efficiency and success as they grow.

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