February may be the shortest month of the year, but it was packed with exciting news for Fluid Truck. Keep reading to learn more about what’s been going on!

Awards & Press

Top Workplaces in the U.S. 

We’re excited to share that we were recently recognized as a Top Workplace in the U.S! This award recognizes our company culture and comes as a result of an employee engagement survey measuring 15 drivers of culture in the workplace. 

With nearly 500 employees spanning across the U.S. and Argentina, we feel honored to receive this award. Culture is pivotal to Fluid Truck’s success and hyper-growth! Click here to read more about this exciting badge of honor.

Fluid Truck features

James Eberhard featured in Fast Company & Inc. Magazine

Fluid Truck’s CEO and founder, James Eberhard, had the pleasant opportunity to discuss mobility and industry trends in an article published earlier this month. The article outlines what’s to come for our exciting industry and how Fluid Truck is staying at the top of these trends. 

Here at Fluid Truck, we capitalize on utilizing our shared assets to help other businesses thrive. How do we do this? Check out James’ article here

We pride ourselves on being the #9 fastest-growing company in North America. This feat could not be possible without the years of experience James Eberhard brings to the table. 

After starting 13 companies, James reflects on past failures and defeats and how they’ve shaped our company into what it is today. Check out his advice here to learn 6 things founders should prioritize when pursuing a startup venture.  

Automotive World

Fluid Truck had the honor of being the subject of study in a recent article for Automotive World. The piece delves into how we got started, the future of mobility, and how we’re liberating businesses from the confines of traditional renting and vehicle ownership. Learn how your business can benefit from Fluid Truck here

Our team is growing! 

Our dream team in Buenos Aires, Argentina, got an office upgrade! We recently set up a new office to accommodate our ever-growing team in Argentina, partnering with Huerta Coworking. We can’t wait to watch our team grow and thrive in their new space. Want to join our ever-growing team? Click here to view available positions. 


Customer-Focus Summit

We hosted team members from across the country at our HQ in Denver for a Customer-Focus Summit. We wanted to expand upon our consumer offerings and continue improving our products. We love receiving customer feedback and seek opportunities to make our process seamless. Our teams shared pain points they frequently experience when serving our clients, and we discussed solutions together. 

Why it matters: We all have different information about our customers – who they are, what works for them, what doesn’t, and how we can improve. We want to continuously pool that information to take action and create the best possible customer experience across our markets.

As we continue to grow in 2023, we want our customers to always remain at the center of what we do. That leads us to our newest app feature below.

New app feature launch: Live Chat 

What sets Fluid Truck apart from other rental companies is that we’re fully digital – rent a truck in minutes straight from your phone. No paperwork, no hidden fees, and no rental counter. 

We’ve worked hard to ensure our mobile app includes all you need, so we’re excited to share that we have recently added a live chat feature. Now, you can slide in our DMs anytime, straight from our app! Here’s how it works:

Borrowers with an existing account can open the Fluid App and see the Live Chat box pop-up in the bottom corner. They’ll be prompted to resolve their issue thanks to preloaded responses; or will be sent to chat with a live agent. Borrowers can initially select from four scenarios in the chat box and be guided from there: 

  • I am having trouble starting/ending my reservation
  • Lost and found
  • I have some general questions
  • I am having issues with a current reservation

With this new app feature, renting a truck with Fluid Truck just got easier. 

Thanks for tuning in this month. We’re looking forward to sharing what’s to come for March! 

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