Did you know that you can rent a truck without paperwork these days? It’s true! 

Gone are the days of spending hours filling out page after page of tedious forms at a rental office. Now, you have access to hundreds of ready-to-go vehicles in your area right in the palm of your hand.

Fluid Truck is here to level up your rental experience. We offer easy, efficient truck rentals for businesses and residential needs from the comfort of one convenient app. Our vast inventory includes box trucks, cargo vans, SUVs, pickup trucks and more so that you can always find the right vehicle for any size job.

Today, we will shine a spotlight on our pickup truck offerings and let you know all the ins and outs of renting digitally with Fluid Truck.

The rundown on pickup truck rental with Fluid Truck

A photo of a Fluid Truck Chevy Silverado driving down the road.
A Chevy Silverado HD 2500 | Photo by Braden Whittaker

Fluid Truck features two main models of pickup trucks at the moment:

  • Chevy Silverado HD 2500 (mostly 2022 models)
  • Ford F150 Lightning (2023 models)

The Ford F150 Lightning is currently only available in Denver, but you can access Chevy Silverado HD 2500 models in cities across the country. 

There are also many other pickup truck models available on the app across the country. Because Fluid Truck allows individuals and businesses to list their own vehicles on the platform, there’s no limit to the type of vehicle you can rent with Fluid Truck!

For planning purposes, pickup truck models typically range between 30–70 cubic feet in size.

When should you rent a pickup truck?

With their large towing capacities and expansive cargo spaces, pickup trucks are well-suited for everything from business deliveries across town to long distance moves.

Thinking about buying some new furniture for your DIY home restoration but not sure how you’ll be able to transport it back to your house? Rent a pickup truck.

Looking for a way to haul equipment for your landscaping business from job to job? Rent a pickup truck.

Helping your son or daughter move into their college dorm? Rent a pickup truck.

Need to make a few small product deliveries to your local farmer’s or craft market? You guessed it – rent a pickup truck!

With apps like Fluid Truck, you can grab a pickup truck in your area for as short as a few hours and as long as several weeks. Our digital truck rental solutions put the power in your hands while offering affordable rates that cater to small businesses and residential customers alike.

How do you know which truck model you need?

A photo of a Fluid Truck Ford F150 Lightning in a parking lot with other Fluid Truck box trucks in the background.
A Fluid Truck Ford F150 Lightning | Photo by Ed Haggenkotter

The size of the job is a big determining factor. The Chevy Silverado HD 2500 models have a little under 70 cubic feet of total cargo space, while the Ford F150 Lightning models clock in around 50 cubic feet of total cargo space. 

If you’re hauling a lot of cargo, you may want to choose a model with more space, but smaller models will work just fine for smaller jobs.

For those who have made a commitment to using EVs or who might be looking to test out the hauling power of an electric truck, the Ford F150 Lightning is an outstanding all-electric model. Hop in with one of our convenient pickup truck reservations and get a taste of just how powerful going electric can really be!


We’re ready to answer all your burning questions about renting the right vehicle!

Should I rent a pickup truck or a cargo van?

Check out the frunk on this Ford Lightning F150! | Photo by Ed Haggenkotter

It depends on the job you plan to do with your vehicle. 

For heavy loads that require a large towing capacity, we would usually recommend a pickup truck. Some cargo vans can tow or haul heavier items, but a pickup truck will generally be able to carry more weight. Keep that in mind if you need to avoid making multiple trips (especially when driving long distances) and would rather haul a larger load all at once.

Another factor to consider is the weather and the risks of hauling your cargo. Would sudden rain or other inclement weather damage the items you’re carrying? If so, you may want to go with a cargo van over a pickup truck as they offer shelter from inclement weather. 

However, those traveling only a short distance like running across town to transport items from an old office to a new office may be okay hauling with a pickup truck. Keep in mind as well that a pickup truck will most likely be a better option than a cargo van when traveling across off-road terrain.

Can I rent a truck with an app?

Yes, you can! And it’s without a doubt the most modern way to rent pickup trucks. Whether you need a vehicle for a last-minute move or a new addition to your delivery fleet, Fluid Truck has taken the time to make the mobile truck rental experience as seamless as possible for fleet managers, small businesses, and residential customers across the country.

How does app-based vehicle rental work?

With an on-demand truck rental app like Fluid Truck, you can enjoy 24/7 truck rental to meet all your last-minute long distance, or long-term hauling needs. Simply hop on the app to make instant truck rental reservations in your area. Use the filter icon in the top right corner to search for vehicles that meet your specific needs, including vehicle class, location, and other constraints.

After you find your ideal vehicle, you can check the availability as well as the rental rates. All you have left to do is make a reservation, and you’ll be ready to go pick up your pickup (or any model you choose)!

For more information about our easy truck rental process, you can check out our Knowledge Center to watch step-by-step informative videos or contact one of our experts to help you.

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