Denver Startup Week is officially one week away, and we’re getting ready for all of the amazing discussions and events! Here are the top panels that the Fluid Truck team is looking forward to, plus the links to sign up for the events yourself. Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 4th

Technical Storytelling: Your New Tech Won't Sell Itself 

“All too often as a Product Manager, I "successfully" launch a shiny new piece of functionality to the world, and turn my focus onto the next shiny item on the roadmap. But in fact, most of the reward about pushing a new product is witnessing how it positively impacts a customer's life. I'm attending this event to hear what strategies others employ to make sure their products are being used to their fullest potential.” - Nick, Product

Blockchain and Building Dapps with Solidity on Ethereum

“Who knew bitcoin would become so big?!? Obviously not me, because I once spent 125 Bitcoin on a really trivial purchase… This awesome presentation will touch on the high-level blockchain concepts before diving into the nitty-gritty tech of the Solidity programming language, smart-contracts, and how it integrates with modern web applications.” - Patrick, QA

Chicken or the Egg: How to Break Into Product Management

As a new PM, I'm really looking forward to this one.  I think it'll be great for me to learn tips and tricks on how to navigate challenges that come from being new to the field; not only will it help me in my own journey, but I'll be able to better empathize with others on my team who are also new. - Megan, Project Management

Global High Impact Entrepreneurship: Building A Digital Platform for Kindness

“The topic of social entrepreneurship in general is not heavily discussed, so this session definitely presents an opportunity to learn more about the global entrepreneurship space, social enterprises, and where they are headed in the future. This session has the potential to learn more about AI, data analytics and other technologies for all businesses, not just social enterprises.” - Sara, Marketing Intern 

Trash to Treasure

“Hosted by Colorado's own National Renewable Energy Lab, I’m super excited for this sesh to learn some of the wicked cool and brilliant ideas that several companies have created to address our ubiquitous and seemingly insurmountable trash problem, like Alt Tex’s sustainable polyester alternative made from food waste that has been dubbed “Waste to Wardrobe!” - Patrick, QA

Tuesday, October 5th

Stronger Toget(her)

“We love a woman in tech panel, and our amazing co-founder Jen Snyder is speaking at it!!”  - Claire, Marketing

Startup Marketing Strategy at Every Stage: 

“The title says it all here. Marketing at a startup is a new adventure every day, and even when you have an experienced team, the playbook only gets you so far. There are endless perspectives on how to go about it, and I’m always excited to hear more ideas.” - Dillon, Digital Marketing

Customer Interviews for the Win!

“Constant monitoring and self-awareness is needed to keep bias in check and get honest opinions from the person that will be using your product. I am joining this session because it is a skill of the PM job that always needs to be kept sharp.” - Nick, Product

Wednesday, October 6th

Job Fair & Showcase 

“Denver startup week brings the best talent, and startup organizations, together in the US. Following up on a tough 2020, this year has brought out some of the toughest challenges we've seen from a talent perspective, due to the lack of supply & high demand, however the job fair at DSW allows us access to best & brightest in the area, which we'll need in order to continue to scale our teams throughout Denver & the rest of the US.” - Will, HR

Avoiding Burnout as an Entrepreneur

“Being a part of a startup sometimes feels like you can never switch off. Looking forward to hearing from those who know how to work hard and still prioritize their health and the people they love.” - Angus, Accounting

Puppy Panel 

“If anyone isn’t afraid to dive into the hard-hitting topics: it’s puppies. Ready to hear some insight from those who aren’t afraid to step on a few paws along the way.” - Angus, Accounting

Thursday, October 7th

Surviving is over... It's time to thrive! Overcoming burnout

“Mental and physical health is the most important thing! Too many people push themselves too hard and burn out quickly! I am excited to learn more about how to manage our minds and our bodies.” - Claire, Marketing

Friday, October 8th

Who Needs a Mentor? You do!

“I found this one interesting because I have lots of ideas and dreams, but as a first-generation immigrant having nobody here sometimes I feel lost, unconfident, or don't know where to start. However, mentoring sessions match people who feel like me with a mentor of their interest which I think is very valuable for people like me.” - Sabina, Marketing Intern

Scent + Design

“It's amazing how much we experience the world through our senses. They talk about how using scent strategically when creating spaces and experiences can heighten the moment, increase awareness, change the mood and make them unforgettable and no one ever talks about how powerful it is. I am excited to learn more!” - Claire, Marketing

Get #dorkdancing for Mental Health

“Hahahahah this is amazing!!!!!” - Claire, Marketing

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