Welcome back to another edition of EV News Rewind! 

Here’s what’s new in the world of electric mobility:

  • New support for American EV charging infrastructure from both government and corporate sources 
  • The positive economic impacts of EV battery production in the Southern United States 
  • Another noteworthy expansion to Amazon’s growing EV delivery fleet.

EV buyers will be able to redeem government incentives upon vehicle purchase in January 2024

Volkswagen EVs lined up inside a festively decorated car dealership.

The Inflation Reduction Act allows EV buyers to claim a tax credit of up to $7,500 for the purchase of a new vehicle, and up to $4,000 for a used vehicle. 

Currently, buyers must wait to receive this credit the next time they file their taxes. But that process may change for some consumers next year.

Starting in January 2024, EV buyers will be able to claim the $7,500 credit at the dealership when they purchase their vehicle. This means people can instantly access credit to offset their vehicle purchase price.

This opens up the door for more drivers from low-income households to afford the purchase of an EV. The credit can be redeemed in the form of cash or used as credit toward the price or the down payment. Dealerships interested in providing the credit upfront must first register with the IRS.

Local economies boom thanks to investments in EV battery manufacturing

An areal image of a large battery plant in Commerce, GA.

With the demand for EV batteries on the rise, manufacturers have continued to invest billions in the development of manufacturing facilities in the United States. The facilities largely fall into an area now deemed the “Battery Belt,” which includes eight states: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

According to CBS News, the local economies in many of these states have seen substantial economic improvement in the form of increases in business and employment thanks to the construction of EV battery manufacturing plants. 

For example, Commerce, a city in Georgia, has noticed a definite increase in business activity since South Korean manufacturer, SK On, erected a large production plant in the area.

As facilities continue to sprout up in the Battery Belt, more communities should begin to enjoy increased economic activity and growth.

Hotel chains to provide more EV charging stations

Photo of a man charging his EV in front of a large Hilton hotel.

Major hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott are embracing EV charging as a new trend to attract tech-savvy travelers and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the hospitality industry. 

Both Hilton and Marriott have announced plans to install EV charging stations at thousands of locations, capitalizing on the growing popularity of EVs in the United States. Hotel charging is expected to follow the adoption path of Wi-Fi, where offering this service initially attracted early technology adopters, but eventually became a standard amenity. 

Marriott is partnering with EV Connect to create a charging network using various charger brands, while Hilton will exclusively use Tesla chargers to expand its network.

The ability to charge while staying at hotels with Level 2 chargers aligns with the time guests spend on dinner, sleep, and breakfast, making it convenient for travelers.

Biden Administration invests $3.5 billion in American charging grid

As part of the push to increase EV sales to 50% of American vehicle sales by 2030, the Biden Administration has announced a new $3.46 billion investment that will strengthen the electric charging grid across the nation. 

The money will fund 58 projects in 44 states and will build resilience into the grid to prepare for extreme weather events.

According to the statement released by the Department of Energy, the projects “will help bring more than 35 gigawatts of new renewable energy online, invest in 400 microgrids, and maintain and create good-paying union jobs.” 

Pennsylvania retailers receive grants to install EV chargers

An EV charging in the parking lot of a Sheetz gas station.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is making efforts to increase the availability of EV charging throughout the state with the approval of 57 new EV charger installation projects

The chargers will be installed at convenience stores and retailers such as Wawa, Turkey Hill, Mirabito, and Sheetz. The grants total about $36 million and stretch across 38 different counties. The first installations are set to begin in late 2023.

Amazon expands delivery fleet to include 10,000 EVs

Several Amazon-branded Rivian electric vans lined up in front of chargers.

Amazon has once again expanded the number of EVs in its active delivery fleet. In mid-October, the company indicated that it had 10,000 Rivian electric vans carrying out deliveries all over the nation. 

This new figure is double the amount of EVs that were active in the delivery fleet in July. With such large increases taking place over just a few months, the retail powerhouse should be on track to meet its established goal of 100,000 active electric delivery vehicles by 2030. We love to see it!

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