Few things are as frustrating as jumping into your work truck only to realize that you’re low on gas.  

You drive to the station, put in your form of payment, and receive a dreaded “see cashier” screen. 

And now that you’re already running late, you’re even more stressed out on the job, and your day only starts to go downhill from there.

This was a common, inconvenient waste of time for our internal teams. That is, until we implemented the game-changing software from Car IQ Pay! 

Now, our fleet teams don’t even need to bring a credit card to the pump. Car IQ Pays platform allows our employees to pay for gas through the app rather than deal with company cards or expense accounts.

We’ve listened to our employee and customer feedback and are excited to share that we now have an efficient, reliable way for our drivers, fleet managers, and move teams to fuel up vehicles in the Fluid Truck fleet. 

Introducing Car IQ Pay

We've joined forces with Car IQ Pay to enhance efficiency, ensuring prompt payments and a full tank right from the beginning. Car IQ Pay introduces a superior payment method for fleets, leveraging cutting-edge data tracking to enable credit card-free transactions.

Wait, no credit card? Then how do you pay? 

Car IQ Pay’s proprietary mobile application utilizes vehicle data to determine when it is at the gas station. Drivers simply check in on the Car IQ Pay app and connect to the merchant’s site without a credit card. 

Our fleet and move teams will be using the Car IQ Pay app to seamlessly fuel up our trucks between reservations and vehicle moves. Our partnership with Car IQ Pay helps us achieve our goals of adopting the latest tech in the industry, making our fleet team’s lives easier, and serving our customers better. 

Renting a Fluid Truck just got easier

At Fluid Truck, we’re known for delivering a seamless, keyless truck rental experience through your smartphone. To elevate this convenience further, we've partnered with Car IQ Pay, leveraging their revolutionary technology to enhance our operations behind the scenes. This collaboration allows us to ensure on-time rentals and fully fueled trucks, enabling you to focus on your next move with confidence.

We take pride in being customer-obsessed by listening to feedback and constantly improving our services to offer flexibility, affordability, and convenience with each rental. We’re excited to break barriers in the transportation industry alongside CarIQ! 

Skip the rental counter and the gas station with Fluid Truck

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