Remember 2016? What if we told you that was 5 years ago. Does your head hurt, because that information just made us all feel a little bit older than we’d like.

While we are glad to have left trends like chokers, millennial pink, and Justin Bieber on every single radio station, it was a good year for some things. Take electric vehicles for example, which had just seen sales surpassed 1% of auto sales – hello, Tesla. More importantly, it was the year our very own Fluid Truck app (then known as Fluid Market Share) made its grand debut to cell phones screens across the city of Denver, CO.

Originally founded as an mobile peer-sharing marketplace for everything from rent bouncy castles to camping equipment, the platform connected residents across the metro in the spirit of sharing. However, about a two years into the adventure we started to notice that commercial vehicle rentals were starting to take over the platform. To meet the demand, we decided to rework our platform to better serve our user base, and in 2019 we officially re-launched the app as Fluid Truck Share and have been growing exponentially since.

To celebrate Fluid Truck’s 5 Year Anniversary, we sat down with five Fluid Truckers who’ve been with the company since the early days of peer-shared lawn mowers and tiny coworking spaces.

A big thank you to James Eberhard, JK Slyby, Jennifer Snyder, Leo Amigoni, and Ryan Cheney for giving us the inside scoop on where we started and what was learned along the way.

Cheers to 5 Years! It’s been trucking awesome.

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