Home Delivery World is a week away, and the Fluid Truck team is getting excited for one of our biggest events of the year! There’s so much to see and do at the convention, but here are our “can’t miss” activities for your time in Philly.

1. Exploring the latest technology
One of the highlights of last year’s show was the technology advancements we were able to experience. From URB-E’s e-bike equipped with a delivery pod, to autonomous sorting robots and more; this year’s exhibitors are bound to bring the latest and greatest in delivery technology.

2. Networking over coffee
Fluid Truck has gone all out with our booth this year – we’ll be at the front of the exhibit at #303. Come visit and check out our vehicles, enter a raffle to win an Apple Air Tag, and refuel with coffee before your day of panels and exhibits.

3. Discussing the future of electrification
As leaders in the world of mobility, we have our eyes on the future, and we’re excited to learn more about how others in the industry are pushing towards electrification.

“I'm most excited about the session on building an electric delivery fleet of the future. It's exciting to see the evolution of commercial battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and the infrastructure and logistical challenges presented in establishing a zero-emission fleet in this emerging space, and I'm looking forward to the conversation,” said Stephen Joos, VP of  Corporate Development at Fluid Truck.

Don’t forget to check out Fluid Truck CEO James Eberhard’s panel with IKEA’s Steven Moelk, ACT Research Co’s Ann Rundle, and The Climate Group’s Richard Parker. They’ll be discussing the promising future of building electric delivery fleets. With IKEA’s ambitious electrification goals plus Fluid Truck’s growing fleet of EVs, you don’t want to miss this! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, August 31st at 3pm for this panel.

4. Meeting industry leaders
“I am so looking forward to the energy at HDW. A room filled with people who are passionate about our changing world of home delivery. There is nothing like seeing the faces of people when they learn what Fluid Truck can do to help them run their businesses. I am really looking forward to sharing how Fluid Truck can be a strong partner in the mobility space,” said Cate Vonderhaar, VP of Sales at Fluid Truck.

Home Delivery World is one of the biggest events of the year for us because of the potential to build new relationships. Thousands of professionals in the delivery industry are all in one place, which means there are thousands of opportunities to share how Fluid Truck is changing the game.

5. Rocking out at a private concert with Everclear
At Fluid Truck, we love to fuel innovation and fun. This is why we’re flying in Everclear for a private concert on the first night of Home Delivery World! We’ve been getting ready for the event by jamming to some of their classics like Santa Monica and Father of Mine

Want to see Everclear at our VIP party? Stop by our booth for an invite to the event and then join us Wednesday night to unwind with free drinks, small bites and an epic private performance. 

6. Exploring what Philadelphia has to offer (more specifically, the food…)
Lucky for Home Delivery World attendees, the conference takes place just down the street from the Reading Terminal Market

Inside this food hall you can treat yourself to a dizzying array of cuisine. But we’re most excited for the famous DiNic’s classic: a hot sub with Italian pork, broccoli rabe, and sharp provolone cheese. Plus, you can’t leave Philadelphia without getting a cheesesteak! And if you get tired of sandwiches, don’t worry. Reading has options that range from Peking duck to gyros.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about the famous DiNic’s hot sub since I tried it for the first time last year, to be honest,” said Rae Shuman, Community Engagement Manager at Fluid Truck.

Via Readingterminalmarket.org
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