When was the last time you received a delivery?

Was it an essential item?

Supplies for your business?

Equipment for a new hobby you’ve been looking forward to starting?

No matter what you received, it’s important to stop and consider how that item reached you in the first place.

Every day, we rely on more than 3 million delivery drivers to move our goods and supplies. Without their tireless efforts, many of us wouldn’t have such easy access to the items we need. Sending thanks to the people behind the scenes who make these deliveries happen goes a long way in letting them know that their work is valued.

This week (September 10-16, 2023) is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Whether you work alongside drivers in your company or you simply want to show some extra appreciation the next time you receive a delivery at home, here are 5 ways you can thank the delivery drivers in your life for everything they do.

1. Be a kind and courteous driver

Though many drivers make it look easy, driving a commercial vehicle takes a lot of training, especially for larger vehicles like semis. One way to do your part in helping drivers is to make their lives on the road a little easier by driving safely and carefully around commercial vehicles. 

Use your signals, be mindful of blind spots, and allow commercial vehicles plenty of room to operate on the road. Even simply leaving space for them to merge safely or offering a wave, smile, or other kind gesture can go a long way in making drivers feel seen and appreciated.

2. Leave out snacks, drinks, and useful Items

Depending on their routes, delivery drivers may make up to 200 stops a day, and truck drivers may drive upwards of 700 miles per day. These routes can be exhausting, so leaving out small pick-me-ups for drivers to enjoy can lift their spirits and make a long shift a bit easier.

Consider making a basket of snacks like chips, crackers, or pretzels with a sign inviting drivers to take some. You can also leave out a cooler with cold beverages like water, soda, or sports drinks and another box of essential items, including hand sanitizer, wipes, paper products, and more.

3. Make your home or business easily accessible

There are many small steps you can take to make the location of your delivery more driver-friendly. At home, leave commercial vehicles plenty of room to maneuver in the driveway to ensure their safety as they carry out the delivery.

Do you have a specific space you need packages to be delivered? Consider leaving a note on your door that makes it easy for drivers to know where to leave your goods.

If your business frequently accepts deliveries, encourage your employees to ask drivers if they need anything before they head back out on the road. Make your restrooms accessible and perhaps even create a welcoming space for drivers to relax, warm up, cool down, or just escape the elements in general while they wait for paperwork to process.

4. Say “thank you”

A simple “Thank you” is often more than enough to make someone’s day. Aside from telling them verbally, you can make extra efforts to thank commercial drivers by putting up a sign, sending feedback to their employer, leaving a kind review, or writing a note.

And remember, you don’t have to restrict your efforts only to drivers who make deliveries directly to you. If you encounter a driver at a gas station or truck stop, take a moment to thank them for everything they do as well.

5. Pay for a driver’s tab

Whether you’re in line at a convenience store, buying coffee at a drive-through, or having lunch in a restaurant, consider picking up a delivery driver’s tab for them. If you have the extra cash to afford it, the gesture is sure to bring a smile to their face and let them know their work is appreciated.

This week and every week, let’s all work together to make the lives of our delivery drivers easier and brighter!

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