Mother's Day is one of the busiest days for florists. With so much demand for flower deliveries, it's crucial for florists to be well-prepared to ensure successful deliveries. Here are some tips to help florists succeed in delivering beautiful flowers on Mother's Day.

  1. Start preparing early: Mother's Day is a busy time for florists, and it's essential to start preparing for it early. Make sure you have enough inventory, supplies, and staff to meet the demand for flower deliveries.
A group of florists loading up various floral arrangements into the back of a Fluid Truck cargo van
  1. Offer unique arrangements: Offer a wide variety of unique arrangements that will stand out from the crowd. Be creative with the flowers you choose and the way you arrange them. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures.
  1. Use a reliable delivery service: Make sure you partner with a reliable delivery service to ensure timely and efficient deliveries. Consider using Fluid Truck, a company that provides reliable and affordable truck rental services. They offer a range of trucks for different delivery needs, making it easier for florists to transport their flowers safely. Simply download the app, create an account, and find a vehicle near you!
    Fluid Truck has partnered with BloomNet, one of the largest floral networks in the world, to provide reliable truck rental services to florists. BloomNet members can now access Fluid Truck's fleet of trucks at discounted rates, making it easier and more affordable for florists to transport their flowers to their destinations. This partnership is especially helpful during busy times like Mother's Day when florists need reliable transportation services to meet the high demand for flower deliveries. With BloomNet and Fluid Truck, florists can rest assured that their flowers will be transported safely and efficiently.
  1. Create a special Mother's Day package: Offer a special Mother's Day package that includes flowers, chocolates, and other treats. This package can be a great gift option for customers who want to surprise their mothers with something special.
A florist leaning out of a Fluid Truck and holding a bunch of hydrangeas to give to a customer
  1. Provide excellent customer service: Mother's Day is a day when people want to show their appreciation for their mothers, and they expect the best service from florists. Make sure you provide excellent customer service to ensure a positive experience for your customers.

Here are some interesting facts that you might not know about flowers on Mother’s day!

A florist holding a basket of orange roses standing outside of a Fluid Truck completing the dropoff or pickup inspection process with her mobile phone
  • Mother's Day is the second busiest day for florists after Valentine's Day.
  • More than 70% of all Mother's Day gifts include flowers.
  • Approximately $2.6 billion is spent on flowers for Mother's Day in the United States alone.
  • The most popular flower for Mother's Day is the rose, followed by lilies, tulips, and orchids.
  • Florists typically see a 30-40% increase in business during the Mother's Day season.

So, if you’re trying to level up your business this Mother’s day, remember: florists who prepare early, offer unique arrangements, use reliable delivery services, create special Mother's Day packages, and provide excellent customer service are more likely to succeed in delivering beautiful flowers on Mother's Day.

 By partnering with companies like Fluid Truck, florists can ensure safe and efficient deliveries, making it a memorable day for all mothers and their loved ones.

Two florists unloading a bunch of bright flowers from the side door of a Fluid Truck cargo van

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