Monitor Your Fleet 24/7
With Fluid Fleet Solutions

We've used our Fluid Connect telematics system and our proprietary fleet solutions software to efficiently manage thousands of rental vehicles across the country for over five years–and now you can too.

With Fluid Fleet Solutions, you'll get all this & more:

Vehicle Safety & Security Protocols

Demobilize and mobilize your vehicles with a simple click of a button. Instantly demobilize your missing truck - allowing you to stop the vehicle immediately in its tracks.

Live View

View your entire fleet of vehicles in real time. Get peace of mind knowing exactly where your vehicles are 24/7.

Driver Management

Get time back in your day by never having to worry about manual calendar scheduling or timesheets again. You’ll be able to assign drivers directly to specific vehicles for a particular date and time

Team & Performance Reviews

Real-time record keeping equips business owners with the information they need to make data-driven decisions to increase operational efficiency.  In addition, gain access to detailed roadmap of the vehicle’s trip promotes awareness of driving practices that diminish the lifespan of the vehicle and increase fuel costs on routes.

Booking Additional Vehicles

Ability to rent additional vehicles during your peak seasons. Fluid Fleet Solutions allows for seamless integration into Fluid Truck Rental Platform, so you never have to worry about truck rentals again.

Harness the Power of
Fluid Fleet Solutions for Your Fleet

Business Fleet Size (Owned Vehicles):
Of fuel efficiency is impacted by driving habits
Of fleets have a team member who spends up to two hours per day on expense management
On average, it costs between $50–$250 every time a locksmith is called

Software Tailored
to Fit Your Business

Our proprietary fleet solutions software offers the same 24/7/365 mobile access and features of the Fluid Truck app that you love–with additional specialized features designed to increase operational efficiency and make fleet management a breeze.





Easily Supplement Your Existing Fleet

Fluid Fleet Solutions allows your fleet to seamlessly integrate into the Fluid Truck Rental Platform. Our trucks have minimal branding to aid in blending with your existing fleet, and they are equipped with the same proprietary telematics to track the entire fleet. No need to add additional costs of ownership when you rent Fluid Trucks during your peak season.

Cargo Vans

300-500 Cu Ft

Box Trucks

400-1600 Cu Ft

Harness the Power of
Fluid Fleet Solutions for Your Fleet

Business Fleet Size (Owned Vehicles):