Truck Rental for Retailers Who Deliver the Goods

The modern world of retail is more competitive than ever. To succeed, you need to be on the cutting-edge - and find every possible way to cut costs - without sacrificing the quality of your product or service.

By renting with Fluid Truck, you’ll get access to a wide variety of delivery trucks, box trucks, delivery vans and more vehicles, all available on-demand. As a result, your business can finally be free from the costs of owning a vehicle. Most importantly, you’ll find more time (and more room in your budget) to make faster deliveries, keep your shelves stocked, and continue bringing the best merchandise home to your customers.

Get 24/7 Instant Access to Cargo Vans, Pickup Trucks, Large Moving Trucks and More.
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Fluid Truck for Retailers

Delivery truck rental with Fluid Truck could be just what your retail business needs to turn into a thriving e-commerce powerhouse. We have the tools, the platform and most importantly, the delivery vehicles to turn your growth plans into success stories.

Save money on the high costs of vehicle ownership. Rent with Fluid Truck and eliminate unexpected expenses from your budget.
Spend less time waiting in line, filling out paperwork or scrambling to ship orders. Reserve the trucks or vans you need today, without worrying about increased overheads.
Stay on top of deliveries, driver schedules and administrative work. Use Fluid Truck’s free business tools for an even bigger productivity boost.
Focus on growing your retail business, enhancing your value and enjoying the payoff for all your hard work.

Our Retail Delivery Vehicles

Whether the job is big or small - we have a vehicle that fits them all.

Cargo Vans

Box Trucks

Benefits of Fluid Truck for Retailers

Whether your business needs a full fleet without the overhead, or just a few extra vehicles during peak seasons - Fluid Truck for Business provides a flexible solution. In addition to 24/7 access to thousands of vehicles offered through the Fluid Truck Platform - Business users also enjoy these added benefits:

Build a flexible fleet - book multiple vehicles & pay weekly
Manage employee scheduling on-the-go with the Fluid App
Get peace of mind with GPS tracking & roadside assistance

Let’s Help You Build an Even Better Business

Don’t just take our word for it - take it from our loyal customers and business users. Fluid Truck is the preferred truck and van rental platform for businesses and everyday people because we work hard to meet your needs. We’re even trusted as the vehicle rental provider for four of the world’s largest delivery companies, and thousands of other users - a sure sign that our proven model works for businesses in need of a better rental solution.

Give Fluid Truck a try today to learn why we’re powering the future of delivery truck rental forward.

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