Truck Rental for DSPs to Succeed

Delivery Service Providers (DSPs) play a central role in the logistics of some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies. That means if you own or operate a DSP yourself, you have the opportunity to grow right along with them. Fluid Truck provides the means to grow your fleet of delivery vehicles, too, in an affordable and easily scalable way.

Fluid Truck connects business owners and regular individuals with delivery trucks and vans for rent through our unique rental platform. This offers numerous advantages over traditional rental services. The bottom line: Fluid Truck saves you time and money while putting a fleet of delivery vehicles at your disposal 24/7.

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Fluid Truck for DSPs

The specific qualifications and requirements of your DSP operation may depend on what organization you choose to work with. In most every case, though, DSPs will require flexibility and access to multiple vehicles.

To be ready for swings in demand for delivery services, DSPs need to be nimble. But traditional rental services or contracts often don’t allow for the flexibility that could spell the difference between success and failure in the DSP business.

Enabled by an intelligently designed mobile app, Fluid Truck can solve many of these problems.

We don’t lock your business into rigid contracts.
We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can reserve rentals whenever and wherever you need them.
You can reserve as far in advance as you want, or even with just a few hours notice.
Our customer service team is always available, including roadside assistance for any unexpected issues that happen on the road.

Our Delivery Vehicles

Whether the job is big or small - we have a vehicle that fits them all.

Cargo Vans

Box Trucks

Benefits of Fluid Truck for Delivery Service Providers

Whether your business needs a full fleet without the overhead, or just a few extra vehicles during peak seasons - Fluid Truck for Business provides a flexible solution. In addition to 24/7 access to thousands of vehicles offered through the Fluid Truck Platform - Business users also enjoy these added benefits:

Build a flexible fleet - book multiple vehicles & pay weekly
Manage employee scheduling on-the-go with the Fluid App
Get peace of mind with GPS tracking & roadside assistance

Get Started With Fluid Truck Rental for DSPs Today

DSP van rental and much more is available on-demand in the blink of an eye. Get started with Fluid Truck if you need to get your DSP fleet off the ground, or hit the ground running with flexible options for business owners looking for streamlined vehicle rental. With our help, you can rise to the top ranks of the DSP business and reach your full potential faster.

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