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Meet Angus R. Angus is one of our staff accountants (an A-boy, as we compassionately call our team of accountants). He’s originally from Scotland, has lived in Massachusetts and Texas, and now resides in Denver where he works at the Fluid Truck HQ. Keep reading to learn what it’s like to be an accountant at a fast-growing tech startup like Fluid Truck!

When you aren’t working, what are you usually doing? 

“Since moving to CO, I've been hiking two or three days a week minimum. I've already gone three times this week! And on Friday I'm doing two fourteeners. I love finding new trails. My favorites are in Nederland, Guanella Pass, Rocky Mountain National Park and the, Black Canyon.”

Do you support any sports teams?

“I’m from the UK and moved to Massachusetts when I was young, so my sports allegiances lie there for professional American sports. But I'll happily watch the Broncos or Rockies play anybody. I'm a FERVENT Texas Tech supporter. I live and die with them, which is mostly dying unfortunately. I also really like British football. I've been enjoying watching the Scottish national team play lately, as well as Liverpool.”

What’s your favorite part of your job? 

“I absolutely love the people I work with at HQ. I am surrounded by great people - at my last job there was nobody in my age range. I love being able to come here and work with all the great, intelligent, charismatic, independent people I do. On my team specifically (the a-boys!) everyone is really motivated to move the team forward. We just push each other forward, not out of the way. I feel that from everyone. It's a great environment. And I get to learn a whole lot!”

Do you have any secret talents?

“ I go off-roading a lot! I learned what you need to do for your truck, getting everything in the right place, have the recovery gear and air down the tires. Making sure you communicate with your spotter. I have a Tacoma TRD offroad. My pride & joy.”

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

“‘Surround yourself with great people.’ The advice was from my dad. He hires people, and he said he has a boss who only tried to hire people who would one-up him. And I have found that nothing but positive things come from surrounding myself with the best of the best. I consciously made a choice to turn down another offer when I was hired at Fluid because of the team. I thought the people around me would lift me up, and I've already noticed that in the short time I've been here.”

Do you have a favorite line from a movie or book? 

“I wish I could eat garlic bread for every meal”

“Yea, but then you’d get fat.”


“Bread makes you fat.”

“Bread makes you fat???” - Scott Pilgrim

If you had a TED Talk, what would it be about?

“‘There should never be a skip intro button on streaming services.’ The music and title sequences are integral in getting you into the right mindset to enjoy the show. Narcos, Game of Thrones, Mindhunter: perfect intro songs and sequences. If a title song isn’t good, that’s a big knock on the show.

If you could have a Fluid Truck full of one thing, what would it be?

“Camping and off-road gear so I could put it on the van and take it off the grid. :D”

Tell us your best joke.

“‘How does a snowboarder introduce themselves?’ 


 I'm a skier, haha.”

Why would you tell someone to come work at Fluid Truck?

“Do you want to surround yourself with the best possible and open up opportunities in your career that even you aren't expecting or looking for? There are so many doors that can be opened at such a young, growing, exciting company.“
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